• CCTV surveys recorded onto DVD/VHS with full reporting to WRC and SEVERN TRENT standards

      Throughout the midlands Cov-Rod has provided CCTV Drain reports for home/property buyers/sellers, structural engineers and drain emergencies of all types. Being a local family owned and run business has helped build up trust and word of mouth with clients that is essential when dealing with home /property owners.


    • Drain tracing and mapping

    We can pinpoint from above ground the exact location of hidden manholes, unknown drain pipes, damaged or fractured pipes, unmoveable blockages or simply create a site plan of the drainage system, when one is not already available to you. 


    • De-scaling of pipework and High Pressure Jetting

    Whatever the diameter of the pipework or the complexity of the configuration, we have an extensive range of equipment to deliver a full range of pipe inspection and cleaning services. Using techniques encompassing a diverse and extensive range of specialist tooling, centralisers, cleaning heads and automated cleaning systems powered by High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure water jetting.


    • Root cutting and removal

    As an accessory to the High Pressure Water Jet Machine, the Root Cutter works uses the water pressure of the jetting machine to cut roots for easy disposal. Roots can cause major problems within drainage tunnels by blocking the tunnel. Thanks to our root cutting machine, we can quickly and effectively get to work on root removal for you. The root cutter uses the same pressure as the water jetting machine, giving efficient strength for the removal of even the most established roots.

    As well as Root Cutting and Root Removal, our root cutter easily removes blockages caused by grease, sand and soil, among other obstructions.


    • Relining

    Repair a damaged drain or sewer by installing a special lining which bonds to the pipe, the integrity of the drain or sewer is restored, with minimum disruption. Equipped with all the latest technology and equipment and staffed by a team of experts and technicians we have an enviable reputation in this to carry out this kind of work throughout the Midlands.


    • Excavation and reinstatement

    Gone are the days when a drain collapses you just get out the pick and shovel and start digging, current legislation requires that a scan is first carried out to ascertain the location of all the utility services in the area, including telephony and cable and inform all the appropriate suppliers, including all the statutory authorities and hold a current licence under the highways act.

    We have a wealth of experience in carrying out the excavation of collapsed or defective drainage pipework and sewers also the replacement of old or leaking water mains, together with the refurbishment of existing access chambers and man holes.

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